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Kodatuno is an open-source and multi-platform CAM kernel for educational, personal and all CAM developers. A 3D-CAD model from your own CAD system exported as IGES (JAMA-IS V1.04) data is loaded in the system to make your own developing CAM application. All the CAD model is treated as NURBS in the system.
The purpose of the project is to prepare the functions to operate NURBS for CAM developers in the world suitable for their own developing application. We offer the NURBS functions and simple GUI environment to start it easier even if they are not specialist.
The source and the modules we use are also opened (Language: C/C++, GUI: OpenGL, Widget: WideStudio/MWT, Qt).
For the moment, the function is not enough for all the developers. Please join out project and make it better!

(Most of the contents are written in Japanese only for the moment. Sorry for inconvenience.)

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Information: k-info@mm.hm.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp. Mailing list for the users are also available. Please ask us via k-info@mm.

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